Friday, December 31, 2010

Smell of Books

My soul ached longingly as I flipped my newly-bought Jodi Picoult's House Rule last night. It wasn't the reading that caused the sentimental moment, but the smell of paperback books published with recycled paper. I flipped it again and took a deep breath between pages. A long, deep inhalation, with my eyes closed. I felt so calm that as if the world around me had stood still.

It occurred to me that I have not been properly reading a book for ages. All this time I have been jumping from books to books, without actually finishing them. I carried books around just in case I needed them to fill time, which I did take them out to read when I was waiting for something, but I never finish reading them, even after I was back in my own room.

I have been occupied by things I allowed myself to be occupied with, such as going out with friends, internet, nap, chatting with housemates, work. I would go anywhere if I wanted to, that includes attending Freedom Film Festival alone and going back Penang for Fea's wedding (with Jun Hoe's great help, of course). I realised it's been long since the last time I wiped my tears off my cheeks as I turned pages after pages of sappy Jodi Picoult. When was the last time I went camping in Kinokuniya or fed myself into a couch in Starbucks with a book?

Last night, I took a deep breath between the pages and paused. I missed the smell of books published with recycled papers.

Where is Cher Linn?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Tenji Guy

So I joined Luo Tze, my another nursing housemate and her bf and her two friends to Tenji in Damansara recently for a supper. There was this cute guy as host that night. Enough said :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pop the champagne and the card!

The amazing thing about pop-up card is, it makes you jaw-drop and seconds later come the "Oohhhh", "Wwoww", and still manages to keep you amazed while examining how the papers at the back are glued together at certain point so that the object can pop up when you open it. Impressive. It makes me speechless when I least expect it to be a pop-up card at all.

From Szuchen :)

Your favourite people are not necessarily good for you

1. Hie Ching, my another housemate, who is a nurse.

Me: Hie Ching~
HC: Yeah?
Me:.. I feel like eating French Fries..
HC: ... Oh, I can accompany you to McD if you want *angelic smile*

NooOooOo! It was 10:30PM and I should be discouraged to eat anything (least of all, fast food!) at that hour.

Me: Are you sure? But you just came back from your afternoon shift, aren't you tired?
HC: Nope, I'm fine. I stayed at home the whole day yesterday during my off day, I can use some walking and fresh air now. Let's go!
Me: o_O

2. Szuchen, my lab colleague

Szuchen: Maybe we can go for hightea or something.
Me: Ohh they have some nice cakes in The Apartment!

We went to KLCC on Christmas, after my church lunch, but she just had something light for her lunch, so we decided to get something light. So when the desserts were served..

Szuchen: Hmm, they look kinda sweet.
Me: Yeah, I didn't picture them this way from the description in the menu. Sigh, I haven't been going to gym these days and now this..
Szuchen: It's ok, you can resume gym next week! *bursting with positivity*
Me: o_O

Evil women!

Friday, December 24, 2010


24th Dec 2010
SS15/5F, Subang Jaya

Michelle's friend's car was robbed (not stolen) when she and her another two friends were at the car boot unloading her belongings, with the engine on. Her friend's car was a silver Saga (I'll ask for the car plate number again). The car was parrked outside of our rented house.

A beige Waja (they didn't take note of the car plate number) drove to their side and two Indian men came out from it, got into the Saga and drove it off. Hence it's not stolen, but robbed, right in front of their eyes, and her friends' laptops and valuables were in it.

Note: I only started working here for two months and I've heard two colleagues of mine were snatched by motorcyclist at different time within these two months. And before that I've heard warnings from some other people about the safety of this area as well.

Beware, people. Switch off your car engine as you're leaving your driver seat, or lock the door if someone is in the car. You'd rather be paranoid than being robbed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hidden Love 2

I think my blood pressure has gone up for worrying about it. It takes so much planning and negotiation and checking out info and meeting each other half way and decision making and then changing decision and waiting. It tests my patience and faith, both in you and in God.

Still, God asks me to be patient and wait upon Him, to have faith in Him that He'll give me the best:

4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. [Philippians 4:4-7]

Lord, please help me to have strong faith in You, to wait upon Your timing. May you calm the storm in my heart and bless me with attentive ears to listen to You. In Jesus name, Amen.

Hidden Love

Some people think blogging is lame. Or Facebook status updates, Tweeter or anything that allows you to express yourself online. Because some people like to talk about things that their readers might not understand or be able to interpret it. It could be the very metaphorical type, or with nicknames. The sensational ones come with loads of anger and hatred or the other way round - cheesy and lovey-dovey stuff. Some people like to do so to get attention. Some people like to do so because they don't have the guts to tell those stuff right at the related person's face. Some people purely want to express themselves without expecting response.

For this post, it's a mix between the last two.

I didn't want to tell you to what extent I went in hope to make this thing work. I am going to try my very best to meet whatever need you have, even though some of them really sound unreasonable to me. Because I really want it to work, badly.

Because you mean a lot to me. But you don't have to know it.

Friday, December 10, 2010


After a long day at work, I'd tell myself:

It's ok, babe. Go sleep early tonight.

Because all I want is to curl up in bed with my brain-tumored teddy.

And be stronger tomorrow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Humor

[Reza's Facebook Status, after FIFA has announced Qatar to be the host for 2022 World Cup]

Reza: Qatar? Seriously?!
(some comments in between)
Me: Qatar 2022! So are you starting to save money for it now?
Reza: Nope, how much is a TV!?

Haha :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Treasures in Jars of Clay

2 Corinthians 4:7-12

7But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. 8We are hard pressed from every side, but not crushed; perplexed. but not depair; 9persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 10We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. 11For who we are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus' sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. 12So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.

How significant is Jesus' death to you? Will you hold on and stand up for Him during trying moments, after what He's done for you?

I am beginning to learn to be firm through peaceful acts. My principles on certain matters have not changed. But God told me to always trust in Him and gain peace, to follow His instruction obediently. I am quite an out-spoken person sometimes. I tell people what I think. But I've learnt that I don't have to be loud to prove a point. Showing peaceful and consistent personality is the way to go. Standing up doesn't mean to fight back against human, but against the temptation which desires to let anger and hatred control our actions and words. To still have a heart filled with love and peace even when we're treated otherwise. Jesus does not only preach, but His kindness is also portrayed through His gentle actions. I want to have a heart that beats for Jesus. I want to have a heart that beats LIKE Jesus'.

The all-surpassing strength is from God, so ask Him for it, and He will give it to you. If you are thirsty, ask God to fill your cup with living water.

John 4:13-14
13Jesus answered, "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

Have a nice week, people!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kids in my house

I've introduced Michelle to you in one of my previous posts. Her birthday was on 20th Nov. While Reza, an Iranian student from Taylors College (also mentioned some where in my previous posts, among conversations with my lab colleagues) is moving out this coming Sunday.

We plan to have a little belated birthday celebration cum farewell for both of them on this Sunday afternoon - lunch and movie at Sunway Pyramid.

To cut the story short, we settle with watching Rapunzel in the normal screening. Reza is not a fan of Disney cartoon when it comes to watching movie in cinema. He also doesn't like Unstoppable, a movie which I surprisingly enjoyed very much. It still puzzles me because I don't know how exactly does it catch my attention for 1 hour 30 minutes. I always think I have short attention span, like only 20-30 minutes (normal people have 40 minutes I guess).

Anyway, after we've finalised out decision, Michelle went all the way to Pyramid to get us the ticket this afternoon, for Sunday afternoon show. She then text us about it. I met Reza when I just got back from work this evening.

Reza: So we're watching Rapunzel this Sunday?
Me: Yup! You received message from Michelle, right?
Reza: Yeah.. bluek!
Me: HAHAHAHAAHA! C'mon! It can't be that bad! What was the Disney cartoon you last watch?
Reza: Rapunzel :p

*p/s: Rapunzel is not yet released at this point of time.

Michelle is the kid who still loves Disney cartoon (actually, I do, too!) and is eager to watch it in 3D. Reza is the kid who cannot wait to grow up, or show that he has grown out of cartoon.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

My laptop is really nuts!

1. battery life is only 10 minutes, since ages
2. screen is dimmer than usual - but still can project image
3. speaker has lost its "voice" - but still plug in earphone and listen to audio files
4. cooling fan is not working - bought a cooling pad for it
5. quite often my mouse pad doesn't detect my tap, and I have to use the button for clicking an item, which is very troublesome :S
6. even the keyboard is less sensitive now, many alphabets need to tap a few times on the keyboard to register it
7. now: it keeps popping up the Critical Battery message to remind me to plug in power source. Of course I've done so or else what makes you think you can survive till you pop up that message? The annoying part is: I've cancelled the reminder but it still keeps popping up.

I've always loved my laptop because of its size and look - simple and light yet not too tiny. It's gone through about 2 formatings throughout these 5 years, no repair on hardwares, yet. But I guess, it's time I start to look around for new babe? Sigh, Mac Book Pro is very expensive..

Settle Down

I've stayed in Subang for more than a month now. Until today, many have asked me if I've eventually adapted to this new place, or "settled down".

The word "settle down" always brings a calmer tone to whatever situation we're referring to. Settle down as in the snow slowly descending from the sky and settle down on roof top, ground. Settle down as in getting married with your steady girlfriend and build a family, not looking around anymore and spend less time out there but more focus in managing household affairs.

To me, I am settled down when I do the opposite, I think. When I've got to know the new place, familiarize with the public transport system, make some new friends to hang out with and get in touch with the happenings around here, it's when I feel comfortable. I've eventually getting back the habit of filling up my schedule a week ahead, yet still allow some room for impromptu plans. I'm back to the tak-boleh-duduk-diam-diam-kat-rumah me, hee hee.

So yes, I have settled down. Life has been exciting! :D

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Being helpful by not helping

We always say when there's an accident on the road, please don't slow down and observe the damage because we may cause the traffic jam and probably cause another accident as well, which in turn, cause more traffic jams and attract more unwanted attention, and the cycle goes on.

It just occurred to me that sometimes it's not just the onlookers that cause the congestion. The "helpers" summoned by those involved in the accident could cause the same situation, too. It's not alien for us to hear that someone called his whole village of relatives or whole gang of friends to the scene to "give support" to their side.

Well, if you have a lot of space around the scene, then maybe it isn't a trouble to do the above. But if it's not, then please only pick the most useful person to help.

Drive safely, if you don't like to star in a show for free.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Week

On Monday, I worked like it's a Monday.
On Tuesday, my department was relatively under-staff compared to usual days. So the remaining team members worked like it's a Monday, too.
On Tuesday night, I felt like it's a Friday (not-working-on-Saturday kind of Friday) night. Because the next day is a public holiday. And I remember that I'm not working on a public holiday. What's more, I've had an awesome plan of meeting Xu Vin for lunch and then Harry Potter 7 movie with Dev, Pau, Pei Sun and two other medic girls, in MidValley.
On Wednesday, plans worked out accordingly. And went to church for prayer meeting at night. I did feel like it's a weekend.
On Thurday, I felt like it's a Monday again, due to good "weekend" the day before.

Tomorrow is Friday. I hope it'll just be a normal working day :) Nonetheless, this is the kind of more-fulfilling work/life I was looking forward to have ever since I made up my mind to work in a laboratory. I may seem complaining but actually I am not. In fact, I am not holding back the workaholic part of me to work as much as I like. It feels good to be this obsessive :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost Count of Days 2

So it happened again, during our awesome post debate training camp dinner over Domino pizzas.

Darryl: Cher Linn, will you be free this Wednesday?
Me: Wednesday? (mind thinking: Wednesday is a week day. I work on a weekday.)
Me: Night time, yes!
I'm not sure if Darryl's expression was "puzzled" or "sweat".
Darryl: Wednesday is a public holiday.
Me: OHHH, yeah yeah yeah, I'm free the whole day! Are you planning to go Meeples again? :D
Darryl: Yeah, I'm thinking of asking Jim if he's free for Meeples on Wed, too.

I need to announce it here that: No, I am not working on any public holidays :) And if I do go Meeples, I hope we can play Ubongo agian :p

Monday, November 15, 2010

How do you know if you really love someone?

When you're involved in an accident with them, and was actually glad that other than the fact that no one was injured, you were THERE with them instead of being safe and unharmed at home already. Check and see the damages. Pushing cars to the road side with the sky drizzling on us. Go to police station. Go to another police station that has Traffic Offense department. Wait in police station for the necessary procedures. Settle necessary reports for the night. And whatever mess, only to reach home at 12:30am, knowing well that you're working on the next day.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feel me and fill me, Lord

When you're wrong and rebuked, what else can you learn other than from the mistake you did?

The art to rebuke.

But hold it right there. First, we need to define what is seem appropriate or acceptable manner to rebuke. Some people don't think it's too harsh to yell: "Can you use your brain ah?!". While some do. I've seen it in my lab. From a colleague of mine to a clerk who is over 50 years old. Even if he could mean it in a joking manner, I don't think it is appropriate to utter such words, to anyone, not just towards elderly. Especially when he raises his voice.

Working with people who don't have the culture to say "Please" is quite a challenge.

Lord, it is SO hard ;-(

Lost Count of Days

I notice I have this tiny forgetful problem when it comes to public holidays since I started my working life. It tends to slip from my mind that some days are public holidays and I don't work on public holidays. Some of my colleagues may be scheduled to work on that day, but not me. For your information, I don't even have on-call.

When I was still with previous company this calendar year, everyone was excited about their Merdeka day holidays. It's some sort of like an extended weekend and many took leave on certain days to make it even longer. Colleagues were talking about their plans and trips with their families. I listened to them and was being asked about my plans, too. And it was our MERDEKA Day, I couldn't possibly overlook this day in my calendar, right?

Not really.

I needed to be reminded on the day before that I didn't have to work the next day because it was Merdeka. When my colleague asked me was I going home for the weekend I went blank and said it'd be too rush to go back Penang then come back on the next day, then she went blank after hearing my reply, too. And we managed to gather that I had forgotten that the next day was Merdeka day.

The same happened during the last Deepavali as well. That time I was already with my new (current) employer. The same thing happened as aunty Collene asked me for lunch on that day and I told her I couldn't do lunch before 12 noon as that's my lab's schedule. Well, if I don't work on that day, there's no lab schedule to follow.

However, the part that get worse is; I even lost count of the days in a week now. I nearly forget that today is Friday. And I only work half day on a Saturday, which is a day after Friday. I keep it at the back of my head that there's a debate training camp this weekend, but it always seems so far for me that I can't believe it's here already. And I also have forgotten that the BigBadWolf book sale starts from tomorrow, too! Sigh, guess I never have the chance to go for the crazy book sale. But the main reason is because of transport issue.

Seriously, working on a Saturday really kills my Friday-night-and-the-weekends mood. I no longer shout Yay Friday because it doesn't mean anything to me now. Neither do I shout Yay Weekends because after work, I barely have time to go anywhere during weekday nights, and barely have energy to go anywhere during the "remaining" weekends. It's slowly coming to be that every morning as I wake up I have to get ready for work. If not because of public holidays, I don't have chance to sleep past 8:30am now as I'm also waking up early for church on Sunday morning.

I am starting to think that Wey Wen is right. It's time to get a good calendar notebook. I used to use Google calendar. But now I barely have time online and I am actually thinking I should cut down time online so that I can spend more time on daily quiet time. Hence dependence on virtual calendar/ planner maybe isn't a good idea.

That's all from me today. I just came back from Young Adult Cell Group [YACG] with a bunch of church mates from Subang Jaya Gospel Center [SJGC], the church that I am attending now. It's a fruitful evening :) Still, I am struggling to finish this note of expression here before I collapse on bed. If you're new to my blog, this could be the first glimpse of yours at how important a blog to express is to me.

Cheers and have a good weekend, people! *yawn*

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nice room!

I just saw this picture from someone's Tumblr site and I want to share it here. Don't ask me question about this picture. People don't explain much in their Tumblr anyway hence I know nuts about the story behind. And very likely it isn't their original post either. Still, this picture makes me feel good :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Serious colleagues

Conversation 10

Rodzi accidentally cut his finger with penknife. It didn't bleed at all as it was just a small wound. But it hurt nonetheless. He then put on a plaster over the wound immediately.

Rodzi: Ish, sakit la..
Me: Kesian you :( Sakit lagi ke?
Rodzi: ... macam ni boleh dapat malaria tak?

And I tried my hardest not to laugh too loud.

It's funny because apparently Rodzi knew exactly how one got malaria. He's been working in hospital lab for 25 years! That's even before I was born! And he was probably asking it while hoping me could support him to take MC for this cut tomorrow. Haha :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Culture Shock After Moving To Subang From KL

Ever since I moved to Subang Jaya 3 weeks ago, I rarely had a good experience dining in Subang, except this afternoon when aunty Collene brought me to USJ for Yong Tau Foo in a restaurant she frequents.

The hawkers' attitude in preparing the food is very disappointing. I am not making fuss just to show that Penangites are used to being served with good food or we have very delicate taste buds that are only pleased by real good food. Because I never have this problem when I was in KL for 5 years or more. If there's anything, I'd say KL food is acceptable, while Penang food is delicious. Here in Subang, the food merely pass the edible standard.

In fact, I am more pissed by the way food are served. I feel like the hawkers (including mamak store) cook just to prepare something that is edible. There is not spirit to woo customer, and they don't care if the customers will complain. Because you know what? I think one of the reasons is, the customers just don't complain! The customers here eat just to fill their stomachs and they are not particular about good dining experience even from a hawker! Food is not just about the consumption part. But it's also about the relationship between the cook and the consumer.

First incident that irked me was when I found cucumber slices were not peeled off their skins when served with chicken rice. Maybe it's normal for most of you. But it's annoying for me to find it served in this manner, not to mention the cucumbers were bitter. The first thing that came to my mind was: How could they serve this kind of food? That day was my first time trying out hawker food in Subang. Many people told me I am lucky to stay in SS15 because there are a lot of hawker centers around for good food. What a disappointment. There are a lot of dining outlet alright, but they are not necessarily "good" food. To be fair, after I went back and thought about it, I reckoned that maybe I've over-reacted over the small slices of cucumber.

Second incident was at this huge mamak restaurant. Their fried rice was so salty that I couldn't remember if I finished it. And I don't usually doubt if I finish food, because I usually do. Just when I've forgotten about this incident, I went there again, ordered different type of fried rice. It , too, was too salty, and it reminded me to learn from my past experience and not to order any of their fried rice again. Not to mention the price here is much higher than those in KL.

The mamak restaurant my colleagues and I frequent during our lunch time is actually much better. At least their food is at the acceptable category. But I just hope Subway restaurant could be nearer to me. I'd rather (or have the choice to) eat their Sub-of-the-day everyday than eating mamak food during every lunch. At least the former is healthier. We go to the same mamak restaurant during every lunch break because the food isn't that bad and it's the only few options around the hospital and they give discounts to hospital staff. And they have friendly waiters. That is the good dining experience I am talking about. Not just the high end restaurants have to give good service. But every restaurants which wants to keep customers, they have to bother to give this level of service.

The incident which prompted me to write this post happened just now. It's the same mamak restaurant which serves me fried rice that was too salty. I still visit that restaurant because it is on my way back home from gym after kick-boxing session. I ordered Claypot Sweet&Sour Fish Rice.

Their service tonight was slower than usual. But that's not the main issue. When the food was served, it was in a claypot alright. The fish pieces tasted sweet and sour as promised, with white rice. But the instant I scooped up the rice, I noticed the rice did not stick to the base of  the claypot like they usually would as a claypot dish. Suspiciously I touched the base of the claypot from outside, and it was warm, not boiling hot. Then it hit me that they didn't cook the dish in the claypot. They cooked it separately and then put it in the claypot. And they have the guts to call it CLAYPOT rice. What..? *slap forehead* If they cook the rice in the claypot on stove, the pot would be so hot that even the hawker has to carry the pot with a holder when serving it on the table. And some of the rice at the base will be burnt and stick to the base, and they have this special smell that can only come from claypot dish.

I felt cheated and disappointed. I ate my dinner sorrowfully.

I guess most people in Subang eat home cook food. Or because they are rich people, they eat in high end restaurants which give good service and dining experience. They eat real claypot rice dishes. And poor people are not suppose to be picky about what we eat and should just be satisfied with what is served.

I am shocked that this is the culture widely accepted and practised around my area.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Serious colleagues

Parthiban sat me down and told me about how the work in histopathology lab is a form of art. It takes time to develop the skills and it takes patience for it to happen. Of course, it involves hard work. But most importantly is not to rush or try too hard for it. Because if I do, I will miss out even more things instead.

It reminded me that no matter how important the end result is, it is less important than the process to achieve it. Like how some people prefer to say they travelled to somewhere instead of they reached there, for traveling down the journey matters more than the destination.

Parthiban has told me the same thing more than once. He said we have the best team as a histopathology lab in (at least) Klang Valley area. Every time as he talks about this, he has this fondness and passion in his tone. He must have loved and appreciated this art very much. I am thankful for him to actually take his time and share this advice from his experience. You don't normally get people who bothers to sit you down and prep talk you or share their passion. You don't even normally find passionated people at work place to begin with. Especially in lab. Most of them stay to work, as a job.

He is the one who has worked here for 3 years.

Serious colleagues

Conversation 9

The difference between before and after kick-boxing session is: it aches more when I laugh at colleagues' jokes.

Rodzi: Rumah you sekarang ada berapa orang?
Me: 7 orang (actually there are 8 of us, I got it wrong previously)
Rodzi: Ada lelaki?
Me: Ya. Dua orang
Rodzi. Woiyoo! Semua Cina ka?
Me: Tak, ada seorang dari Iran. Salah seorang lelaki tu la, dari Iran. Dia student kat Taylors' College.
Rodzi: Betul?! You jangan bagitau Ramli, nanti dia akan bomb rumah you.
Me: Hahaha! Tak pe, saya akan protect dia. Sebab saya tak nak rumah saya kena bomb la.
Rodzi: You mana boleh protect dia? You kena protect Parthiban.
Me: Huh?.... Kenapa kena protect Parthiban bila Ramli nak bomb budak Iran tu?
Rodzi: Bagi you, kan, you prefer Malay ke Mamak?
Me:... Apa bezanya? Malay dengan Mamak juga manusia, ada beza ke?
Rodzi: Ada beza, jauh beza.
Me: ... Saya tak tau la. Asalkan diaorang tak hisap rokok dan tak buat bising, boleh je. Lagipun, kami memang jarang jumpa kat rumah.
Rodzi: Ok, bagi you, kan, you prefer: Malay, Mamak, or Orang Putih dari India (refer our previous conversation to know what does Orang Putih dari India means) tu?

And there I went again, laughing hard till my stomach cramped and I had to lean on a chair to massage my abdomen.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Serious colleagues

Conversation 7

Parthiban was talking about a lady friend he knew who wears make-up everyday but didn't do so yesterday. And he's shocked to see her "real face" which looked older than her actual age.

Parthiban: And you know what, the black eye circles were actually prominent and deep under her eyes!
Rodzi, Salimah and I were speechless.
When Parthiban walked off...
Rodzi: Perempuan tu hitam kat bawah mata dia je, Parthiban sendiri hitam kat.. *hand gestured from top to bottom to mean the whole body* pun nak cakap orang lain.


Conversation 8
I think racism is infectious.

Me: Hey, what is your favourite colour?
Parthiban: hmm.. *thinking*
Me: * snigger* ...... black? Hahahaahhaahahhaa...
Parthiban: *laughed with that helpless look on his face* Actually, yeah, my favourite colour is black. Seriously!

And I laughed even harder. Just to clarify, I didn't think of making fun of him when I first asked that random question. The evil thought only came to me when he was thinking for the answer :p

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I wish I can buy "gut feelings".

In case you're wondering, I'm not doing very fine. Work has been challenging as expected. Stress level has been increasing, too. What makes it worse is that my stress level is not only influenced by my own performance, but by my work environment as well.

I am glad of the fellowship time I enjoy with my new church members. And my newly signed up kick-boxing sessions. But that's beyond work. If I can achieve satisfaction at work, then only I'd call it a fruitful life. Because I am passionated to work in this field that I'm finally back in, at a prestigious hospital that awes me every time I look at the tests we run.

I have been praying for adaptation and work performance ever since before I started to work here. God has been keeping an eye on me, too. But I guess there are things in life that we just cannot rush for result, no matter how badly you wish you could. There are path we have to walk through, no matter how you've asked God if He could take that bitter cup of drink from your lips.

Then, what makes a bigger impact, is the attitude factor. The second most junior colleague in my department has been working there for 3 years. He can tell what tissue it is by looking at the paraffin block or stained slides (without looking through the microscopes yet). He can differentiate 0.8cm from 0.5cm. He knows exactly how hot 65 degree Celsius is with his finger tips. He modifies the standard staining schedule to produce better staining results, with his gut feelings. He, has the most admirable attitude that I want to follow. And of course, the other veterans have experiences beyond what a book can hold. They have the passion for what they're doing everyday, even if they've been working there for more than 14 years.

What lies ahead of me is an uphill climb. This is the right mountain I want to climb, after giving up the less challenging hill. In fact, challenge is what I was looking for as I decided to switch to this job. Lord, without strength from You, I am unable to do anything. May you grant me mercy and grace as I work hard to perform. If this is the purpose You have in me that You want me to pursue, may You bless me with favour and wisdom to glorify Your name with my humble self. Along the way, may you mold me to be a better person whom You want me to become, too.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

p/s: Please keep me in prayer. These days I've been under stress that at times makes me feel like puking for no reason. Thanks.

Serious colleagues

Conversation 4

Rodzi: Tak payah la nak bayar seribu lebih untuk kick-boxing. Parthiban kan ada?
Me: Kenapa dengan Parthiban? Tak kan nak pukul dia?
Rodzi: Tak, dia boleh ajar you martial arts. Dia kan ada black belt.
Me: Betul? Parthiban, really ah? You have black belt in what?
Parthiban: *confused*
Rodzi: Bukan, Itu Parthiban kan... *makes a hand gesture that rubs the back of his hand to mean skin*

(I did laugh for at least 2 minutes in the lab. Thank God pathologist didn't walk in.)

Conversation 5
(So we were talking about some Indian fights and gangster jokes..)

Parthiban: Have you been to Bukit Jalil?
Me: Yeah.. why?
Parthiban: Have you been to Kinrara area?
Me: Oh, that, no. I only pass by it with LRT, hee hee.
Parthiban: Do you want to go there?
Me: Ehm.. ok.. for what event? *totally can't see what is coming*
Parthiban: If you go to that area and face some problems, just say "I.know.Rodzi!" and problems will be solved. He's the head of some gang there.
Rodzi: =.='


Conversation 6
(There's a colleague of ours got wounded severely by snatch thieves around SS15 yesterday and is now lying in the hospital.)

Parthiban: You're staying in SS15 also right? There have been a lot of cases like this in that area. Luckily you learn some self defense skills.
Me: But I'm not so good in self-defense...
Rodzi: No, you're not qualified to defend yourself from the snatch thieves!
Me: Oh? *taken aback by his confidence and stern look*
Rodzi: Because you don't have black belt like Parthiban does.

Hahahahahaha (I didn't expect it to work again!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have you improved anything today?

Many friends have suggested me to get a car and drive. When I tell them about my fear for driving, they said I must be brave and overcome the fear. Having a car spells mobility and traveling to more places, achieving more, etc, which are in line with the way I'd like to live my life. Thanks for the concerns and advices, I do consider that option once in a while.

But by traveling on foot and by public transportation system, they allow me to experince the life of many more people in this country who share the same fate. It's only by walking in their shoes we can appreciate how life is for them in this country, be it Malaysian or non-Malaysian. Recently I was walking to Menara PKNS from Asia Jaya station, for Freedom Film Festival 2010. It occurred to me that there was lacking of pedestrian crossing especially around the traffic lights. It was so difficult to cross the road that if all the cars were to follow the signal obediently, it was impossible to cross the road at all! Menara PKNS wasn't that far from the station, and I was already at a set of traffic light. It was difficult to flag down a taxi in the middle of the road either. Thus, I was trapped in a concrete jungle by just standing helplessly in the middle of cross-road junction, with the traffic controlled by traffic lights. Thank God eventually I managed to cross the road and continued my journey. But it took me a while to stand under the sun and observe the pattern of the traffic lights for opportunity to cross the road.

This wouldn't have happened if I have a car, right?

But then again, isn't it better to give more convenience for pedestrians and continue to encourage them to use public transport than frustrating them and eventually pushing them each to be a driver?

One of the reasons a place has more traffic jams is the increase in number of car on the road. More cars ahead of you at the traffic light means you need to wait for more green lights before your turn. More cars means everyone has to drive slower to avoid accident. Longer queue and slower traffic spell congestion. Not to mention the amount of green house gases we increasingly produce through this method.

But if we were to improve our public transport system, it would encourage more people to use the public transport and hence less cars on the road. If the public transport system extents to more areas, anyone going to or traveling from that direction could be benefited by it. The main reason why people say driving own car is more convenient because the public transport system is not well developed! Not to say driving own car is evil. But if more people could commute together via public transport, that will reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

And when one eventually acquire his own car, he forgets how it is like for those who still travel with train and buses, and even on foot. They don't slow down as they drive on a puddle of water after rain, splashing the water onto pedestrians; they don't stop their car right when the light turns green for the pedestrian to cross but let the pedestrians wait longer than needed simply because the latter are not the ones "in power" with the metallic protective outfit - the yellow light before red light is a sufficient signal for them to slow down and come to a halt, so not being able to stop in time is a poor excuse; getting new train for KTM is not on top of their list when it comes to national budget; efficient public transport system (bus stop location, etc) in designing a city or even the funding to improve the existing public transport system barely cross their mind when it comes to utilising national funding. Many changes need to be done, but when one has become the comfortable middle class society and beyond, one forgets the unrepresented and powerless society whom they call brother. Or used to. One forgets how difficult life is for them.

This same idea is applicable to reflect how we are treating the OKU groups in our community. Have you ever wonder how to travel around if you're wheel-chair bound? Will you be frustrated of not having enough steep elevation in replacement of staircases? Will you notice which shopping malls provide special toilets for them? Is there any special school in your neighbourhood?

Do you hear the need to establish one?

What we need to do for OKU groups among us is not just monetary donation, but TO MAKE WAYS for them to live their life, be as independent and dignified as possible, as an equally important person in the society. Kurang Upaya is not Tak Berupaya. We could be more considerate and get to know their sufferings better, to appreciate them being strong survivals and provide appropriate support to them, as responsible and caring members in the community.

This is the kind of society I want to live in. Not one-solution-solve-all-problems method. It is troublesome to look into problems faced by all levels of society. But no one ever says running a country is easy, either. In fact, to see if a country is a good country, look at how they treat those marginalised or with lesser privileges. If you want to know the value of a person, look at the way they treat those who serve him.

Can you do something to make a difference?

Would you?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fresh Air

Just went out to meet up with Jim, Mar-Jie and Wye Li at Empire Shopping Gallery. I've always wanted to go there ever since the first time I heard this new shopping mall has opened.

Today I've got my chance but well, it's disappointing because it isn't very impressive. It's slightly better than Farenheit in Bukit Bintang area with more eating outlets. You know how a mall has failed when it doesn't even bring the excitement to first time visitors. The only book store Empire has is Popular. It's pathetic. I'm sorry but if Popular bookstore were to make me love them a bit more, maybe they should reduce the price of books lower than market price.

Anyway, the meet up was just what I needed at this kind of time. Now that I'm starting to taste how it is like to work half day on every Saturdays, I treasure my remaining weekends and social life even more. I don't even look forward to Friday anymore and that alone is horrifying.

But maybe the change is good. I always like when I am obsess about my work - be it during my thesis, crunching time during year end in previous company, and now, peak hours in lab everyday. Work takes up a big chunk of my life and I'd better love it than otherwise.

Next, I've just transferred my gym membership from Lot 10 to Subang Parade. They have kick-boxing trainer here, too! I am very excited about it. I am going for a trial tomorrow evening before I decide if I will be taking up sessions with this trainer. Note, it is still not cheap and I really need to consider if it worths to continue to satisfy my addiction with this work out. Seriously, I was missing kick-boxing when I was in lab, worrying about not having time and energy to go work out after work.

Serious colleagues

Conversation 3

Rodzi: What kind of pant is this?
Salimah: Ini seluar pant-dek (pendek)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Serious colleagues

Conversation 1
Rodzi: Itu orang putih hari ini tak masuk!
Me: Orang putih? Lab kita ada orang putih ke?
Rodzi: Itu John la, John Raj, dia kan putih sikit untuk Indian, so orang putih dari India la. You tengok itu Parthiban (an Indian colleague with the darkest skin colour among us, who's sitting right next to us at that moment), jelas nampak dia Indian dari Malaysia lah!


Conversation 2, we were talking about some mamak restaurant.
Me: Ape, Rodzi nak belanja ke? JOM!
Rodzi: Bukan saya belanja, boss saya belanja.
Me: Boss you? Boss mana?
Rodzi: My wife (said with that amused face).


Parthiban went to tell others I laughed till my face turned red. Thank God it was after peak hour.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warmth of an apple pie

I must tell you about Michelle, one of my 7 housemates in SS15.

But she has too many good things to tell about. In general, she's a sweet, caring girl:

She's on her way out for mamak with her boyfriend, and asked if I wanted to join. It's already 11:30pm, so of course I'm not joining for the obvious reasons: I need to rest as much as I can at night for next day's work and I don't want to be a lamp post.

But I told her I felt like McD apple pie (sometimes we do crave for something random for no apparent reason). We agreed that if I wanted to sleep before she comes back, I'd text her and she'd text me before she buys it on her way back.

Minutes after they've left, A car stopped in front of our house and Michelle was at the gate, holding out the warm apple pie. She decided to bought it back for me first before she went for her mamak.

This is not the first time I feel like want to hug this sweet girl :)

I use rubber for protection.

I'm back to the days I wrap myself in the white lab coat, pull rubber gloves over my hands, hair tied into pony tail, and smell of chemicals all over my clothes, hair, skin.

And working with a bunch of fun lab people!

Or do Indians usually joke more than other races? I always thought "Hey bro" were first used by/ more natural to Indians in Malaysia culture. Of course they know when to be serious and all. But if you've worked in a lab for 14 years already and still surviving the routine, you must've found a good way to stay amused.

One of the things I like about them:

I am the only Chinese in my lab. There are another two Malay colleagues, and five Indian colleagues. The radio was tuned in to a Tamil station. I didn't really mind because I wasn't even listening to it. Dr, Joshua walked in to give some instruction, and suddenly he suggested to the lab (Histopathology) :

"Hey I think from now on we have to tune in to Mandarin station la, ok? If not, Cher Linn cannot understand."

I was touched and didn't know how to react. I smiled and suggested English station would be good. And soon they changed it Fly FM. And later someone played some old English classics from a CD, and they hummed along once in a while.

Aren't they blessings from God? =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's like a new day, when everything starts anew. It's like in the old days, when expression was not bound by judgement, but only my own discretion. Fingers lead a way to set the words free. Because all I wanted, is to chase the cloud.