Saturday, August 30, 2014

Love in a cup

After a very long time, I guess it could easily has been a year, I asked for a cup of coffe with teddy bear coffee art on it, specifically wanted Mr. Chef and Mr. Chef only to do it.

There was once I let another barista on duty to make one for me. He failed it so badly that I didn't want to take a picture of it. Of course, I was nonchalant about it and drank it anyway, making a mental note to only let Mr. Chef make my coffee art in future.

So today I finally managed to get Mr. Chef's time. I let the waitress who took my order to ask if Mr. Chef's available before I placed my order. When he came out 20 minutes later and ready at the coffee machine, waiving at me. I sprung up from my seat, couldn't hide the silly smile on my face. Mr. Chef told me he has not been making coffee for a long, long time, too, and he apologised in advance. 

"Is it on mocha or latte?"

"Hmm.. You usually ordered mocha. :) "

:) He remembers. And he made sure the bear was smiling, the way I like it.

Because coffee art is very much an art, and there is no art without love.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

How do you know your restaurant is failing?

It is extremely congested in the area where your outlet is, and it usually is. You can no longer say your diner is at a location where finding parking is a nightmare because the other restaurants down the street, next street and a block away, all suffer the same fate. But, the other restaurants are packed with customers, people are waiting to be seated, while while yours are empty and quiet. Perhaps that's the reason why that part of town is happening - patrons from other towns come to these restaurants.

You also can't give the excuse that your place is newly established, hence yet to draw customers. It might be partly true. However these people are just looking for a place to hang out, if they'd rather wait for tables at a crowded cafe than not having to at yours, then there is a problem.

Another hint is, if Cher Linn doesn't like it. There are restaurants where I go in with a hungry stomach, hungry enough to eat just about anything irrationally, yet I walk out without a word. Because it's better to keep quiet than say something cruel, such as "You should fold your business." 

Don't get me wrong. I am for restaurants that want to improve themselves over time. It doesn't mean the whole world hates you just because Cher Linn is not fond about you. But my scale is pretty accurate. The restaurants that I am not impressed with, they'll barely survive. Every customer that walks in later are only prolonging the drag to the end of their business. The restaurants that I find favor in, somehow they will attract their own loyal patrons, and many more, sometimes even to my frustration that it's no longer my place to chill. But yeah, words got out and people from other towns will come to visit them.

I know a lot of hardwork has been put into establishing an eatery, and I should not pass the death sentence lightly. That's why I will not be a food critique. There's too much pressure to be truthful and gentle at the same time.

This writing is my own observation, about myself.