Monday, January 21, 2013


Remember the time when I was yours and all I wanted was 10,000 more ordinary days with you? Even the rain were like kisses on my skin, sometimes just teasing, sometimes passionate. The scent of red roses reminds me of the book I read with my head on your lap, and slowly dozed off. Shouldn't things be clearer as days go by? Oh why, do the questions still remain unanswered, and feelings stronger than ever, since the clock stroke 12 that night? Perhaps, just perhaps, the time when I didn't properly say goodbye to you, was the best farewell for us.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

That curled up lips

I have missed two calls since I started using this new phone because I didn't hear my phone rang in my backpack. One from Szuchen another from my dad. My dad suggested me to turn on the vibration. I don't like it because vibration makes me jump, which, of course is the whole purpose of it. So I decided to look around for better ringing tones from iTune store.

I look through some recommended ones then searched under my favourite artists' names. It took me more than an hour to pick one because some were considerably not bad, and also the fact that ringtone version is more expensive than its full song. Well, iPhone being its rigid self, it doesn't allow me to choose a song from my Music collection to be a ringtone. Only those listed as Ringtone are allowed.

I looked through Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Train, even ThePianoGuys. Then I came to Kris Allen. I won't call myself a big fan of his because I haven't got my hands on his latest album Thank You Camellia which was released last year.. But I know there is a song I kinda like in the album - Better With You. So I listened to the brief version and amazingly, it made me smiled.

I believe there is something about this guy that makes him different from others. Or maybe it's just me. But Kris Allen does, on other occasions make me smile effortlessly.

That's me and my fan girl moment.