Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unexpected 2

I was going through Hamoodi's homework with him. Whenver he wrote wrongly he would use the eraser at the butt of his pencil to erase the error.

Me: Hey, why don't you buy a separate piece of eraser? You're about to use up this eraser but the pencil is still very long. That means you do need a separate piece of eraser.

Hamoodi: How about I give you the money and you help me to buy one?

Me: Haha, no way, don't be such a baby. Go buy it yourself!

Hamoodi: But I don't know where to buy it *sad puppy face*

Me: That's easy. Why don't you go back to the same shop where you bought this pencil?

Hamoodi: I bought this pencil when I was still in Saudi Arabia.

Me: OWH REALY?! *carefully examine the pencil*

It was indeed very different from what we have in Malaysia. It even had Arabic words carved on the wooden shaft. Then I burst out laughing very loudly (again) when I came across this on the shaft:


Our Saudi friend here bought an Indonesia product and brought it to Malaysia, which is just a neighbouring country of Indonesia :)

Thank you for the good time, brother :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I have two Middle Eastern male housemates staying upstairs. Just now, at living hall...

A: Hey, look at this *grin*
Me: Oh wow! This is a very good looking wallet! (It's Billabong)
A: Right? Is it cool?
Me: Yes it is cool! Is it new in market?
A: Yes. I just bought it from Petaling Street. *wide grin*
me: I see. How much is this?
A: The guy in Petaling Street said RM100, and we said 'No, no, not RM100.'
Me: So how much did you pay for this?
A: RM20

And the three of us(his roommate also present) burst out laughing. I laughed very loud. I didn't expect it to be this funny and I haven't been laughing out loud like this for 6 days. To be honest, that wallet looked genuine!

More to come!