Saturday, October 29, 2011

The past two weeks... :)

It has been a crazy week at work. Some staff were away for Deepavali holidays. Sometimes I'm not sure if I prefer an exhausting day at work and eventually collapse on bed right after work till the next morning, even skipping dinner altogether, or just a normal tiring day with really good appetite for dinner. No, I still manage to go home on time. It's either it's still not too bad or we are efficient. But I do feel like robot sometimes. Work. Crash. Wake up and work again, only to collapse again for more work after that.

For the past two weeks, I've had really wonderful time hanging out with lovely people on and off. It started off with meeting up with Ervina and staying over at her place during KDU Pro-Am Debate. It did help me to decide to go for Piala Perdana Menteri (PPM) in IIUM during the following weekend, because I got to stay over at her place again, even though accommodation for adjudicators has been arranged to be at Vistana Hotel. It was a dilemma for me because I also wanted to go watch my own junior debaters in MOHEC in UM. But since Ervina was flying back to Washington soon, it made it easier for me to decide.

I really love the time I got to cook and have breakfast with Ervina everyday before I went off for debate and she to her own business. It's the peace in the morning over nice breakfast, sincere conversation and beautiful view from her condo that made the weekend like a great holiday to recharge myself.

And met Jun Hoe and Salwa during PPM, and Shu Shi, Jeremy and Wei Loong. During that weekend, I managed to went for a movie in KLCC with debaters from other institution: Alexxx, Alex and Sarah. I did enjoy the company and Real Steel. And the reason I like Real Steel is not because of Hugh Jackman.

And the finest touch to end my great weekend, was Kevin's birthday dinner in Chili's at KLCC on Monday. It was a heart-warming dinner. It always is, meeting the UKM debaters up. More laughter and discussion and catching-ups and taking pictures.

Then come Deepavali, which was a Wednesday. I went shopping alone. I don't remember when was the last time I had such 'fruitful' time - visiting Kinokuniya and bought random books and also found books which I had been waiting for. And shop for clothes and shoes. I used to date myself a lot when I stayed in KL. It became harder to do so since I've moved to Subang Jaya. I think I should resume this, even though it takes more effort now. If I exhaust myself during weekdays, I have enough reasons to pamper myself during the weekend (or whatever that was left), right?

The next day, a dinner with dinosaurs at Italianiese at Gardens, after work. Fea (whom I am now officially a fan of), Jun Hoe, Alia and Salwa. More laughter again and sharing over good food. There wasn't a thing about Fea that I didn't miss. Over the years, I still adore her the same way I did since I first met her.

It was late and I neeed to get a cab. An honest cab. I got panicked because I lost my way and couldn't get cab that didn't cut my throat for fare. I was glad I wasn't alone to go through all this. Despite the fact that I could be quite independent now and take care of myself or even defend myself from being cheated by taxi drivers who try to take advantage of my desperation to go back, I think it still speaks volume when there's a man with me. Have I told you I am afraid to be alone in the darkness? That includes in a shopping mall when all shops in it has closed. Worst still, I got lost IN it. I am glad to have a friend who is there when I can't hold on. And he has always been, too.

Last but not least, a good lunch with Szuchen and Bee Suan in a Japanese restaurant near my place after work today. It was an impromptu decision, but a great time nonetheless. The 3 of us finally have the time to sit down and have proper meal and catch up. Their presence makes working in the lab more bearable.