Monday, July 23, 2012

Left, not lost.

There was a dinner with debaters last Thursday, a farewell dinner for Jun Hoe before he flies off on 31st July. Then the following Saturday, there's a wedding dinner. It's only during occasion like this that people meet up. They call it the SiYau wedding, for SI Qin and Hon YAU :) I attended their church in Wangsa Maju before I move to Subang. Hence I got to meet up with church friends whom I have not met since almost 2 years ago. It was awesome. And my heart filled with much happiness when SiYau walked into the hall together. I was glad to be there. These two events reminded me of my good old times with friends like them. They reminded me of the time when I was happy and cheerful. And I hold the debatng family dearly in my heart. Deborah asked me how I was."How are you? Still as happy ya?" I smiled. I pondered on the word "still". I've forgotten that I was always happy before I move to Subang. Well, there were much ups and downs when I'm in Subang, too. But it did make me asked, again: Where is Cher Linn? Who is this girl behind the smile now?