Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking off again

i gave Jun Hoe a call before he flies off on Sat morning.

Me: Annddd, don't forget to buy souvenirs, of course! :D
Jun Hoe: Haha, ok! What do you want from Scotland?
Me: Hmm.. I don't know. What is special in Scotland? Oh, I don't want key chain anymore, I've had plenty of them.
Jun Hoe: Maybe you need more keys to hang in those key chains.
Me: Yeah, wait till I can afford to buy some cars and houses for them, hehe.
Me: Oh, I know! Maybe you can buy me chocolates! But I don't want white chocolate. It can be milk chocolate, or even better, dark chocolate! :)
Jun Hoe: Or I should buy you chocolate that is shaped like a key chain.
Me: Hahahah =.=

Silly conversation. Silly.
Just bring yourself back, safe.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Conversation on a flat screen

Conversation in Viber.

Me: Hi
Hamoodi: Hi
Me: What you doing? :)
Hamoodi: On my laptop.
Hamoodi: And you?
Me: On my iPad :) lol
Hamoodi: Good
Hamoodi: :)
Hamoodi: So why you are come early today?
Me: Today is Saturday.
Me: I only work half day on Saturdays.

I believe many can understand this simple conversation too, despite the fact that we did not use perfect English.

And thanks to the technology, housemates can stay in respective rooms to communicate with each other. To me, escaping from the need to climb the staircase is sufficient. Hahaha! And sometimes Viber is how we leave message to each other when either of us is not around or asleep.

Hamoodi: Hi
Hamoodi: Good morning
Hamoodi: I leave some bread on the table to you have breakfast :)

But of course, I'd still prefer face-to-face conversation if I'm given a choice.