Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dinner plan

I guess my appetite has really shrunk since I finished fasting for Easter. Or the work has been so exhausting that all the cells in my body are too weak to long for anything at all. It's not uncommon for me to come home from work at 6pm and still not have my dinner till 9pm. It's partly due to my indecisiveness about what to have for dinner, too. To make it worse, there was an afternoon tea session today at the pantry and I had some fried bananas. Afternoon tea will only make things worse. I must remember it. Or maybe I should be grateful. I've almost forgotten how desire for food or hunger is like. In fact, we really don't need to eat that much anyway. I don't like to have a list to tell me what to eat or do for what day. But if this is going out of control, I may need to do that list. Suggestion for dinner, anyone?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Penguin Night Light

I have a housemate who always reminds me to switch off the main light in my room room before I go to bed. I am a person who cannot sleep in the dark room alone. So staying in a single room now, I need to sleep with at least a tiny night light. Sometimes, I fall asleep with the main lights still switched on, too. There is a penguin night light I've been using for a long time. There was once he saw it, and laughed at me. He thinks it is adorable. He asked if he could keep it. I want him to keep it. He is moving out soon, back to his home country, Saudi Arabia. I will miss the nights he knocked on my door just to wake me up and nag at me, then asked me to switch off my room light whenever I fall asleep with the lights on. I will miss him dearly.