Friday, November 22, 2013


There is a family day event organised by my company, happening in December. Colleagues were passing around the registration forms for those who are interested to sign up. So everyone has been talking about the event. A colleague asked me if I will be going. I said I'm not very keen about it.
"Why not? Don't you have anyone to bring to? Your parents?"

"They're back in home town."


"Not here either."

I have to admit it feels lonely to say that.

Well of course, some of them also tried to joke..

"Hey, maybe you'll meet your 'future' family there!"

You can't not love them. ;)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Buying a gift

It's 1:26am. On the day before, I became a secret santa for a colleague for our lab's Christmas activity. Due date is probably by Jan next year. I still have plenty of time to find out what he likes or what he's looking forward to get for himself. Yes, it's a he. Challenges like this keeps me awake even in a rainy night. 

If only I don't have to be obsessive about buying the perfect gift every.single.time. Shopping for a guy is the hardest. They're always cool with anything, any colours.

But it's a gift. It's suppose to make the recipient goes "Wow! How d'you know I wanted this?" or "It's wonderful! It suits me perfectly!". The surprise element. The excitement and not to be disappointed. 

Some people try not to have expectation so that they won't be disappointed when they receive a gift they don't really fancy. But I want to beat that! I want to show you that I do pay attention to you. I want to put effort to let you know you deserve to be cherished.

He's from an upper middle class family. I don't think there's anything he really needs that he can't afford. But perhaps it's something that is nice to have but he won't spend money on? Something he yet to realise he actually wants it before he know about it?

I may sound sexist if I were to say buying presents for girls is easier. Maybe because girls don't really know what they want. We like many things, especially those pretty-looking ones, be it practical or not practical. Luxurious hand cream, or an elegant lookin purse, or a blank note book that has cute cover on it, or a coffee mug with inspiring quote, or a vase, or a pair of earrings, or a complete set of brushes for basic make up use that comes in its own pouch, a recipe book for desserts (who cares if we don't actually bake cakes, the desserts look yummy in it!), a watch-it's a plus if you know her favourite colours. There are so many things one can buy for a lady. And plenty of brands for each item, too.

Oh, and flowers. recently I got to buy some flowers for some occasion. And my heart melts every time I carefully take those nicely wrapped flowers into my arms, from the florists. Personally I prefer practical gifts. And a bouquet of flowers could be the most unpractical thing one can give me. But I'd love to receive flowers once in a while..

Don't they make you smile? :)

Maybe because I'm thinking from the point of view for a girl. But what does a guy look forward to receive as a gift? Maybe, just maybe, not everyone take receiving gifts as serious as I do in getting one for them, huh?