Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sing on

Heard Buy Me A Rose by Luther Vandross over the radio a few days ago, and it stuck in my head till now. 

Studio recording is just amazing, isn't it? Everytime a song by a deceased singer is played, it's as if the singer lives on. Gently and clearly, note by note, words sung into hearts, like how it was first heard, when he was still alive. 

If I were to describe the kind of RnB songs I like, Luther Vandross is the perfect example to say it all. Smooth and classy. Beautiful voice. My favourites among them are Dance With My Father (through which I got to know about this singer), I'd Rather and Buy Me A Rose.

 I happen to read this article, a little write up about his journey. Hope it inspires you to start a good week ahead :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Fling

Love the ambiance of this coffee place, Coffea Coffee in SS15. I can sit here for a whole day if it's always as quiet as how it was today. But the coffee and cakes here are nothing spectacular compare to Upstairs Cafe. However, Upstairs Cafe is getting noisier now.. :( That's not how I want a hipster-jazzy cafe to feel like. Then again, Upstairs Cafe is not mine alone, even though I've had enough people telling me I probably deserve to be rewarded with a loyalty card by now.

Just feeling sentimental about the past, when the cafe and me were both newcomers in this town. Love at first sight, indeed. Fell deeply, but when I am ready to go, I won't turn back.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sad sunset

Watching sunset with a heartache. Who am I kidding. Not even the most beautiful view cheers me up if you're not with me. It only reminds me that, it's never my turn to hold on to wonderful things. Even this sunset, it is not mine alone. And it does not even last.

Well, at least it is still longer than our short-lived friendship. This time, I'm gonna put a name to the him I write about. Jared Blatsioris.