Monday, March 25, 2013


Please remember that I am here and I care and I love you.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who's this?

Maybe I took Facebook a little too seriously, out of the blue. The mood came and I went through my friend list one by one, deleting those I have not heard from for a very long time, and those I wasn't close with at the first place. Funny to find I actually keep my Nasional Service friends whom I only got to spend 3 months with, but deleted quite a number of highschool friends whom I went to the same school with for 5 years but barely spoke to. This is not the first time I carry out spring cleaning for my friend list, but i only do it once in a blue moon. Because it's a tiring job. I had to think hard who that friend was, what was their original name when we first know each other, how would she look like without those make-ups on and etc. Most of the time I could still faintly remember the person. But this time the "operation" was a lot stricter. Oh well i guess they won't miss me either.