Saturday, May 10, 2014


What's wrong with you people? Take a sunset picture but use a filter for it? I really cannot comprehend this. It's as if the colours of the sunset is not pretty enough? Huh? HUH?!


Friday, May 9, 2014

With all your heart

When I check out new restaurants, I not only check out the food and the ambiance, I also take note of their attitude about their business. I'm sure we all know of hawker stalls or even restaurants which serve incredible food but with arrogant manner? Some say just bear with the attitude because there is no one else that serves better (particular) food than theirs. And that also in a way, serves as a measure of how good they are - where the customers are willing to put up with them for their food. Some however, say they won't come back again simply because of their attitude. 

But these two are in the good food spectrum. How about the average outlet? The ones that doesn't have a lot of experience, new to being an entrepreneur? Those new shops in town which yet to gain its name among the neighbours? They have even more reason to show good attitude with their business - reasonably at least at the very beginning of the journey, where one is expected to be more passionated  and geared up about this new adventure of his. If you listen to and consider feedbacks, that makes customers want to come back again, to see if you've improvised anything, or perhaps for the simple reason that the boss here is friendly and warm.

Having said all these, I strongly believe that the most important attraction of your shop compared to your peers is in your attitude in running the business. Not only because the day will come where someone is better than you are, but also for your own improvement. Attitude is seen not only in the way you speak to your customer or handle criticism, but also in the dishes you placed on the table. Whether or not you put in your very best in your food, it makes a lot of difference. I'm not talking about super expensive fine dining. One can tell the difference in attitude of different mamak restaurants just from the food the serve. I come across restaurants that despite cheaper prices than those who serve similar food, the motto of the boss is to never serve food less than excellent. And guess what, I've never know of anyone whom I brought there that doesn't like that place, for any reason.

Being a person who must have my three main meals on time, I am able to, with strength from God, fast my lunch for about a month. I am pretty sure what I am talking about if I say I can live without ever eating the good food from a particular restaurant if the attitude is horrible.

I appreciate good food, nice ambiance, quality service. Most importantly, the fact that one puts his heart in when cooking for the public, who come and buy your love with money. Because when you see them come back to your shop, you know they're not just here with money this time. They want you to thrive, as much as you do.