Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How's your day?

Yes, I miss you. I want to hear from you. But I just hope you'll also put in effort to keep the conversation going. Or at least, ask me about my day. Perhaps you just don't care afterall.

There seems to be trend where people want to be seen "keeping their cool" and just be too nonchalant to be bothered when they don't hear from close friends, like it's absolutely a grown-up thing to take it easy. Because, you know, everyone is busy, everyone has their life going on and kicking. And if you're bothered by the absent of some messages, "you need to get a life."

Well, my life is to stay in touch and to hear about old friends and to meet up when they're back in town. I am busy with my life but I miss you despite of that, not only when I'm all alone at 3am in the morning.



Xu Vin said...

i think people like you are the ones who make life so much more meaningful. it's such an enjoyable and fun thing to do to catch up with old friends! and it's sad if people start forgoing this part of life. keep doing what you do!

Gine said...

Aww.. Thanks, Vin! :))