Saturday, August 30, 2014

Love in a cup

After a very long time, I guess it could easily has been a year, I asked for a cup of coffe with teddy bear coffee art on it, specifically wanted Mr. Chef and Mr. Chef only to do it.

There was once I let another barista on duty to make one for me. He failed it so badly that I didn't want to take a picture of it. Of course, I was nonchalant about it and drank it anyway, making a mental note to only let Mr. Chef make my coffee art in future.

So today I finally managed to get Mr. Chef's time. I let the waitress who took my order to ask if Mr. Chef's available before I placed my order. When he came out 20 minutes later and ready at the coffee machine, waiving at me. I sprung up from my seat, couldn't hide the silly smile on my face. Mr. Chef told me he has not been making coffee for a long, long time, too, and he apologised in advance. 

"Is it on mocha or latte?"

"Hmm.. You usually ordered mocha. :) "

:) He remembers. And he made sure the bear was smiling, the way I like it.

Because coffee art is very much an art, and there is no art without love.

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